Wedding Horses

In the din of weddings afar , 
Hoofs sang upon the tar ,
Wild mane racing ,
Dark winds facing , 
Strong and proud
mare , 
A majestic affair ,
The groom astride, 
Carrying him 
to his beautiful bride .

Courtesy :Anjli Kapoor

Song of the Summer

Artistryy ‘s new collection. Songs of summer 
Sing along in the forest of thoughts, 
With the wild and gentle, 
Sing along in company of others and your own,
Songs of love, 
Songs of freedom to be yourself,
Songs that lift,
And that soothe
Sing along,
The songs of summer courtesy:Shivani

brown bird tray.jpg

Playful Elephant

mug pakage .jpg

Majestic Peacock

Tail spread wide, 
rhythmic dance , 
side to side, 
eyeing the dark rain clouds , 
with their majestic hue , 
richer in color than its own blue, 
vibrating its wing, 
making the very air sing.
We hope these unique designs will dance with vibrant joy right into your home and heart.

peacock web.jpg

Automatic Umbrella


Personalised Canvas 

Graphic Art

Handpainted  Art

(available on order)

Handpainted Platter with shot glasses .Creative piece for serving  desserts and dips and handpainted tea boxes 

platter mini.jpg

Handpainted Bamboo tray with beautiful sunflowers to brighten your day

sufi boxes.jpg

Artistryy Butterfly Bag with leather handle .

butterfly bag.jpg